Team Losi – Nov-Dec 2005 New Product

Revised Suspension Arms for the JRX-S

LOSA9739A and LOSA9861A revised front and rear suspension arms for the
JRX-S is a prime example of our constant efforts to stay ahead of the
pack. The difference between the A type suspension arms and the
originals is the additional mounting pad for the shocks that allow the
user to move the shock further out on the arm. This has been popular
with rubber tire asphalt racing when using 24mm width wheels. These
revised arms do not change any of the suspension geometry but do offer
a greater number of shock positions for a greater range of tuning
options. Check out our web site for Todd Hodge’s and all of the Team
Losi development driver’s new set-up suggestions utilizing these
revised suspension arms.

Team Losi 10mm Shock set for Touring Cars

have asked for it so Team Losi is now offering their new 10mm Series
sedan shocks as a complete set at an economical price. The size,
performance, spring selection, and ease of use have made the 10mm
Series shocks extremely popular with sedan racers. The LOSA5301 10mm
Shock Set includes all of the molded and machined parts to assemble a
complete set of four shocks including threaded hard anodized shock
bodies, knurled adjusters, and Ti-Nitride shafts. All you need is to
add the springs and fluid of your choice and bolt them on your car. All
Team Losi shock fluids and the complete selection of precision wound
and rated springs are available separately.

Firm Bladders for Losi Touring Car Shocks

Losi now offers new firm shock bladders for their 10mm series touring
car shocks. The LOSA5328 Firm Shock Bladders give you yet another
tuning device for the ever-demanding world of sedan racing. These new
firm bladders were designed to give more consistent handling when
racing indoors on carpet or when on tracks with particularly high
traction. The exclusive material also resists changing when exposed to
silicone shock fluids like so many similar bladders. Since the firm
bladders are a direct replacement for the standard units they can be
easily changed in only a few minutes to provide a distinctively
different feel.

Lightweight Outdrives for Gen II Transmission

LOSA2936 Molded Outdrive set offers stock and modified racers the
advantage of a lighter drivetrain without sacrificing reliability in
most cases. This translates into quicker acceleration and extended run
time, and smoother handling. The set includes precision molded and
machined male and female outdrives as well as a pair of aluminum saver
rings. These outdrives are molded in one of Team Losi’s proprietary
hi-tech materials that is lightweight but extremely strong and wear
resistant. Secondary machining is done to provide a seat for the all
important saver rings, which add an additional level of reliability and
help prevent the outdrives from failure under the extreme loads of
off-road racing.

LST Performance Upgrade Kit

LOSB0014 package includes a selection of unique performance parts used
on the latest generation LST2 which enhance both performance and
durability for extreme bashing and racing all in one box at a most
economical price. Key items include:- Aluminum front and rear differential housings.

– New reinforced front and rear suspension arms.

– New revised front spindles and carriers for the oversized axles and bearings.

– New oversized Super-Duty CV Driveshafts for the front and rear.

– New larger front and rear axles.

– Oversized ball bearings for the larger axles.

– New one-piece rear hub carriers for the oversized axles and bearings.

– Revised chassis side rails with new inner gear cover.

– New outer hinge pins for the reinforced arms.

– New larger 20mm wheel hexes.

– New 420 series front and rear wheels.

– New transmission case set with revised Hi/Low gear selector.

– New inside secondary gear cover

Team Losi LCD’s for XX-4 & XXX-4

Losi now offers their remarkable LCD drive system for their XX-4 and
XXX-4 4WD off-road buggies. The new LCD drive system was first
developed and introduced on Team Losi’s Championship winning JRX-S
sedan and proved to be a tremendous advantage in carrying corner speed
and allowing free suspension movement while under load. Now off-road
racers can realize this same performance advantage with the LOSB3228
Front LCD set for the XX & XXX-4 buggies that offers unmatched
performance and efficiency over other drive systems commonly used.

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