Peak Racing – NEW GP4300mAh

Peak Racing and GP Batteries are pleased to annonce the new GP4300 mAh Cells matched by Peak Racing

PowerFlow GP4300 packs will be available worldwide from
your Team Orion dealer. Please contact immediately your dealer and make
sure your packs are ordered from your national distributor.

Maximum runtime; very high voltage; very low IR. The best battery
technology GP and Peak Racing can offer at this moment. These batteries
do not fade and have a very consistent high voltage discharge curve.
Tested as the best battery for extensive high discharge conditions due
to the enormous capacity.

Especially designed racing battery for 1/12 8m, 23t 8 m and any
modified high current drain 5m motor class. Of course work great too in
any other class. Great power and runtime if used with Peak Racing
Vantage technology.

Charge techniques and cycle life are similar to the GP3300/3700 series which guarantee outstanding quality and cycle life.

Charging advice: 5A – Peak 3mV/cell – 45deg C


PEKXXXXX GP4300 Peak PowerFlo World Spec (7.2V – 6 cells) $XX.XX
PEKXXXXX GP4300 Peak PowerFlo National Spec (7.2V – 6 cells) $XX.XX
PEKXXXXX GP4300 Peak PowerFlo World Spec (4.8V – 6 cells) $XX.XX
PEKXXXXX GP4300 Peak PowerFlo National Spec (4.8V – 4 cells) $XX.XX

Available at your hobby shop end of January

Please note: The recently released new Peak Racing PowerFlo GP3700 SP2 will NOT be replaced by the new GP4300! See information underneath:

GP 3700 SP2: Great runtime – highest voltage – lowest IR on the market.

Specially developed by GP for the stock racer. To be used in 12t –
19t – 23t – 27t or any 5 minute racing class with a motor limit. The
lowest IR in the market guarantees maximum acceleration, the highest
Voltage gives maximum top speed. Extremely fast VRT (Voltage Recovery
Time) to warrant maximum acceleration and top speed at all times!

Charge advice: 5.5A – Peak 3mV/cell – 45deg C


PEK43134 GP3700SP2 Peak PowerFlo Spec(7.2V – 6 cells) $XX.XX
PEK43129 GP3700SP2 Peak PowerFlo World Spec(7.2V – 6 cells) $XX.XX
PEK43130 GP3700SP2 Peak PowerFlo National Spec (7.2V – 6 cells) $XX.XX
PEK43131 GP3700SP2 Peak PowerFlo National Spec (4.8V – 4 cells) $XX.XX
PEK43132 GP3700SP2 Peak PowerFlo World Spec (4.8V – 4 cells) $XX.XX
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