Reedy NEO-One Brushless Motor

Reedy Motors is pleased to announce their first
brushless motor, the NEO-One Brushless. Developed in conjunction with
LRP Electronics “Sphere” brushless and brushed electronic speed
control, the NEO-One delivers what racers all over the world have been
waiting for… the true driving feel of a high-performance brushed motor
with virtually no maintenance!

primary challenge in developing the NEO One motor was to deliver a
higher level of brushless performance. By using only the highest
quality components; Neodymium magnets, extra-thick copper windings, and
a special low-resistance design, the engineers were reportedly able to
provide the equivalent power of a brushed nine-turn motor… but with
longer runtimes. The Reedy NEO-One has no brushes, no springs, and no
commutator to cut. Its completely sealed design provides
maintenance-free performance in any racing environment, onroad or

The NEO-One is a sensored
brushless motor which works interactively and intelligently with the
speed control. When used in conjunction with the LRP Sphere Speed
Control, the combo offers the same linear performance and braking feel
that you’ve become used to with conventional brushed motors. The Reedy
NEO-One also features direct U-solder tabs as well as a connecting
socket on the backplate to enable you to use the NEO-One with other
brands of brushless speed controls. It fits standard “540-size” motor
mounting holes and uses all conventional size pinion gears.

Reedy NEO-One is a true triumph of electrical engineering for the RC
racer, and the first brushless motor good enough to wear the name
“Reedy”. Reedy motors have powered 25 IFMAR World Champions, and the
new NEO-One promises to keep Reedy at the leading edge of new motor
technology for years to come.

Reedy presents a complete line of Brushless Modified motors for all 1:10 scale
applications. The Reedy NEO-One Brushless Modified motors are the ultimate
choice for the LRP Sphere speed control and make the perfect power combination.
All four Reedy Neo-One motors combine the two main features all RC car drivers
• Maximum power AND no maintenance!
• A line of four motors designed for maximum power and top speed after intensive
testing by the international Reedy Racing Team.

All hand-wound motors feature ultra-modern materials, such as Neodymium magnets,
extra thick copper wires and a special low-loss design for extra power and

NEO-One “1 Star”: Great for off road.
NEO-One “2 Star”: Great for off road. Faster than 1 Star.
NEO-One “3 Star”: Great for touring car.
NEO-One “4 Star”: Great for touring car. Faster than 3 Star.

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