PROTOform – Dodge Charger – High Downforce

As the RC oval
racers continue to gain more speed with every passing year, the word
“downforce” continues to be the hot-button topic. The “Dodge Boys” have
designed a Charger NEXTEL CUP car that offers some very interesting
shapes that are perfect for the requirements of 1/10th scale oval

PROTOform is proud to release the 1/10th version – the PROTOform
Charger HD. Mold designer Dale Epp has incorporated more than a few new
features into this one. As with the past few oval bodies, the body is
asymmetric to optimize turning left (insanely fast), and also has dual
trim lines (for foam or capped tire rules). A small molded rear spoiler
stiffens the rear deck, and an add-on spoiler enhances rear down-force.
The roof rails are shorter to prevent interference with the rear body
mounts. The rear window has dimpled markers to perfectly mount
“Darkside” brand wing mounts. At the rear, there are trim lines to
indicate a “stiffening strut” to prevent the right rear fender from
flexing (additional fender struts are highly recommended). There are 5
small center-line indicators on the top surface of the body to aid the
mounting process.

This body is designed in such a way that the whole body can be shifted for and
aft on the wheelbase (approx. 3/8th of an inch) to help the overall balance for
varying setups and track conditions. The body is available in crystal clear .030
lexan and has the usual protective film, window masks, spoiler mounting screws
and decal sheet. The PROTOform Charger
HD is ready to help you run away from the competition!


· High-downforce design
· Dual trim lines, centerline
indicators, & wing mount indicators
· Dual rear spoiler design &
molded in right rear fender strut
· Protective film,
wing hardware, window mask & detailed decals included

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