Yokomo MR4TC BD BRCA Grainger Special Edition

BRCA Grainger Edition Spec Parts

* Front solid axle (plastic)
* Direct gear adapter
* Hardened front universals
* Steering blocks (non-trailing)
* SD World-Replica front suspension arms
* Rear suspension mount (2.5 deg)
* Rear hub carrier (0.5 deg)
* Carbide diff balls
* Carbide thrust balls
* Front sway bar (gold)
* Aluminum battery posts
* Graphite battery plate
* Titanium-nitride coated shock shafts
* SD World-Replica rear universals
* Titanium screws
* Spur gear (83T)
* Green springs (equivalent to HPI blue springs)
* SD World-Replica bumper plate (graphite)
* Hinge pin retaining screws (titanium)
* Suspension hinge pin spacers (aluminum)
* TIR aluminium front spool
* Exclusive Chris Grainger Tuning & Building Tips

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