Team Orion – New GP1300 Micro Cells

The ultimate battery for micro vehicles has arrived! Team Orion, in conjunction with GP Batteries, is proud to announce the GP1300 high power micro cell. Unlike other lower grade cells of this size, the GP1300 provides incredible voltage, maximum run times, and minimal internal resistance to improve speed and run time. Stock vehicles, as well as those equipped with high output brushless systems, will benefit from these incredible cells.

Team Orion offers several versions to suit most applications. Boxed as five or six single cells, either matched or unmatched, allow assembly with high current battery bars. Two pre-assembled versions come assembled with a standard micro plug.

13032 GP1300 NiMH 5-cell
13033 GP1300 V-Max Matched – 5-cell
13042 GP1300 NiMH 6-cell
13043 GP1300 V-Max Matched – 6-cell
11041 GP1300 (2/3 AF) Single Cell
13026 GP1300 7.2v Side by Side w/plug
13027 GP1300 7.2v 4×2 w/plug

High output servos need high power cells to take full advantage of their speed and torque. Two popular configurations come fully assembled with a universal connector.
12233 GP1300 6.0v Standard Hump

12234 GP1300 6.0v Stick

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