Trinity – D-90 Safe Discharger For Ni-MH Matched Packs

Today’s high capacity Ni-MH batteries from intellect and GP require
dischargers that stop the discharge process at around .90 volts
per cell for maximum performance on the next charge cycle. The
packs produce more voltage and better run times when discharged
to this level and it more mimics the usable battery levels seen
on the race track.

The D-90 will safely stop discharging at the correct voltage
and you can keep your batteries in the tray with no worry of hurting
your pack by discharging it too low.


Each cell will be discharged to .9 volt per cell. When the voltage
reaches .9 the LED for the cell will go out. The lights will go
out one by one until the pack is fully discharged. When all the
lights are out you can store your pack until the next race. Pack
may be left in the D-90 with no harm like other discharge boards
which will continue to discharge down to zero voltage.

Cutoff: .9 Volt Per Cell

Discharge Rate: 2 Amps

Battery: 7.2v only

Cell Type: Any NI-Cd or Ni-Mh sub-C

Capacity Limit: none

Cutoff Detection: IC regulated

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