Protoform – Mazda 6 – 190mm Light Weight

PROTOform has a reputation for producing touring
car racebodies that are on the leading edge in terms of design and
aerodynamics. To enhance performance even further, we are now producing
selected touring car body styles in a light weight version. This option
has been requested by hardcore racers for quite some time. The extra
performance does come at a small price however. The bodies have a
slightly shorter racing life (depending on how good a racer you are)
because of the thinner material, and a slightly higher cost. From our
research, it seems most factory pro’s and “go-fast racer types” think
it’s a small price to pay compared to the performance gain. Though
lighter in weight, they still have all the crisp detail and structural
integrity that you’ve come to expect from PROTOform race bodies. There
will be more styles of light weight bodies to be announced in the near

The Mazda 6 comes with wing,
wing mounting hardware and a decal sheet. As usual, protective film and
window masks ease the painting process. PROTOform’s Mazda6 is designed
for carpet as well as asphalt racing and just might the next standard
by which all other bodies are compared.

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