Kawada – SV10 Sigma DC

The perfect weight balance, 50:50, the throttle response only of one belt drive, the long span suspension arm which actualizes preeminent stability. The packaging it did the high-end touring car SV-10 SIGMA2 which is called the strongest drift chassis as a drift private chassis. The new design spool diff. which actualizes drift travelling which the high accuracy aluminum which is proud to everywhere it starts shaving, the carbon mixture suspension arm of the part and light weight high rigidity, it stabilizes standard equipment. It is appearance of the strongest chassis which throws the stir to the drift scene!!

?? The one belt drive

?? 50:50 which is superior in drive efficiency: Ideal weight balance of 50

?? The drift travelling necessary aluminum it starts shaving, spool diff. standard equipment (F/R)

?? Drift radial tire D2 attachment

?? The scale impression the plating wheel attachment which overflows (either one of TU-35P or TU-37P belongs.)

?? Oil damper standard equipment

?? 61mm super long span suspension arm (light weight high rigid carbon mixture resin)

?? Bulk φ8 universal shaft standard equipment

?? EMB battery mount standard equipment (slot molding and epoxy application unnecessary)

?? Full ball bearing

Technical Data :

Total length: 352mm

full-width: 192mm

tread: F/162mm R/162mm

wheelbase: 260mm

diff. type: Approximately spool diff. gross load: 1,500g

drive type: The single belt full-time approximately 4WD

suspension type: Full adjustable double wishbone

F caster: 3 times (C hub)

skid: Variable rear toe in: 2 times (rear hub carrier)

gear ratio: 3.15~11.86

secondary reduction gear ratio: 1.75 (42T/24T)

Chassis: Black FRP double deck type

motor: 540 types (selling separately)

steering wheel: 3 divided tie rod bearings: Full ball bearing

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