Novak – HV4.5 High-Voltage Brushless Motor

Novak’s new high-voltage sensored brushless motor is fast and powerful! Consistently clocking speeds between 40-45 mph in the Traxxas® E-Maxx™, and pushing over 60 mph in a 1/8th scale Kyosho® Nitro buggy that was converted to fit an electric motor, the HV4.5 is Novak’s ballistically fast next installment in Novak’s HV-series for high-voltage applications. The high speeds that are usually reserved for lightweight touring cars and nitro vehicles can now be attained by heavy-duty trucks like the Traxxas® E-Maxx™, the Kyosho® Twin Force™, or the Tamiya® TXT™ Trucks with Novak’s HV4.5 motor. The HV4.5 High-Voltage Brushless Motor is available individually (#3424), or as a system (#3021) factory-wired to the HV High-Voltage Brushless ESC.
Like the newly updated HV6.5 High-Voltage Brushless Motor, the HV4.5 features two major performance benefits. Lower turns, combined with the newly engineered Nickel-plated Sintered Neodymium rotor, enable the HV4.5 to produce ballistically fast speeds. The new rotor improves motor acceleration, speed and brakes, is more durable, and is more resilient to heat. The second significant feature is the lightweight, aluminum ribbed end bells, which provide additional cooling by acting as a heat sink, efficiently removing excessive heat from the motor.

Using sensor-based technology, the HV4.5 High-Voltage Motor provides awesome starting torque, low-speed driveability, and low cogging for smooth acceleration and smooth coasting. Along with the new Nickel-plated Sintered rotor and aluminum ribbed end bells, the HV4.5 features Novak’s convenient solder tab system. This is the same popular solder tab system that is used in the HV6.5, as well as Novak’s Velociti-series motors. The lower-resistant connections allow for more flexible soldering options, and are efficient and easy to use.

One of the best advantages of using a Novak’s HV-Series motor is that only one brushless motor is needed to run the Traxxas® E-Maxx™, which otherwise requires two brushed motors. Brushless technology fuses power and efficiency to create one dynamic motor, which is a definite advantage when it comes to saving space on a chassis, or laboriously maintaining multiple motors. The rocket-fast and powerful HV4.5 not only provides drivers with ample power and torque, it runs much more efficiently than a brushed motor. The HV4.5 will also work for most applications requiring an over-abundance of power at a higher input voltage such as the Kyosho® Twin Force™ or the Tamiya® TXT™ Trucks.

With two HV brushless motors available, which motor is right for your application?
HV4.5 High-Voltage Sensored Brushless Motor is ideal for high-voltage applications that require a lot of raw power and RPM, when runtime is not an issue. This is the fastest Novak 550-size brushless motor and is intended for use in extreme applications with high-end equipment. This motor is capable of high current draw and should only be used with high quality battery packs.

HV6.5 High-Voltage Sensored Brushless Motor is ideal for customers that want fast speeds without compromising runtime. The HV6.5 is an ideal upgrade from stock brushed motors, and runtime and power are more evenly balanced as compared to the HV4.5. High quality battery packs are recommended for maximum performance.

Nickel-plated rotor for improved performance
Aluminum ribbed end bells for additional cooling
Improved solder tab system for flexible soldering options
Easily fits in Traxxas® E-Maxx™, Kyosho® Twin Force™, and Tamiya® TXT™ Trucks
One HV4.5 brushless motor replaces two 550 brushed motors
Sensor-based technology for excellent low-speed driveability
Virtually Maintenance-free
Specifically designed for R/C vehicles
Completely enclosed motor
Provides longer run times and faster top speed compared to stock brushed system
Thermal Overload Protection
Excellent low-speed driveability
Low cogging
Ball bearings
Number of Turns: 6.5
Design: Sensor-based
Input Voltage: up to 14 cells (1.2V/cell)
Watts: 750
KV (unloaded) 4,800 RPM/Volt
Motor Size: 2.84”; 72.1 mm (Length); 1.41”; 35.8 mm (Diameter)
Shaft Diameter: 0.125”; 3.2 mm; (accepts all existing pinion gears)
Motor Weight: 8.36 oz. (295 grams)
Magnet: One-piece, multi-pole neodymium
Performance: Approx. 20% longer run-times (capable of between 32-38 MPH in a basic E-Maxxâ„¢ setup with improved drivetrain parts)

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