Trinity – N.E.X.T. Nitro Truggy 1:16

Ready to Race @ 1/16th Scale
.095 Drake Platinum Engine Pull Start
2 Need Carburetor for Easier Tuning
Tuned Exhaust System
4 Wheel Drive with Disk Brakes
Aluminum Chassis, Lower Suspension Arms and Towers
Front & Rear Sway Bars
Wide Track Suspension
Truggy Style Tires
Pre-Painted Truggy Body
Shock Tower Mounted Rear Wing
2 Channel Radio

NEXT is R/C’s first ready to run 1/16th
Nitro Truggy designed on a racing platform for
outstanding on or off-road performance. NEXT’s
low center of gravity, wide track and shock tower
mounted rear wing provides stability and traction to
hook up it’s Drake Platinum Series .095 engine, the
biggest displacement engine found in the smaller scale
nitro vehicles.NEXT is designed to out perform all other mini nitro vehicles in
the handling, horsepower and tunability.
Make sure you are NEXT.

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