Robitronic – 1/18 ”SCALPEL”

ROBITRONIC introduce the first real 1/18 electric Pan Car ever. This ultra-lightweight Pan Car-Style Chassis contains a High Performance POWER 300 Motor and is prepared for a 4 Cell-Battery-Pack.

The high efficiency Drivetrain, the ultra low Point of Gravity with a GT-Style-Body with high Downforce, the ingenious Suspension and the Factory-glued Foam-Tires makes this Car into a Rocket on the Track.

SCALPEL 1/18 Features
• High efficiency Drivetrain
• 1.5mm Carbon-ultralight-Chassis
• 4 Cell Layout (2/3 A batteries)
• Ultra-low point of gravity
• Fibre-glass Anti-roll Antenna
• Servo post fits standard micro servo
• Fully adjustable Carbon-Suspension-Arms
• Fully adjustable Friction-Plate Dampening-System
• Adjustable Rear-Shock
• Adjustable Tweak of T-Bar with Set Screws
• CNC-Aluminium Gear-plates
• Adjustable Ride-Height
• Adjustable Heavy-Duty Ball-Differential
• 3 different Spur-Gears and 8 Pinion-Gears included
• Easy Quick-Release Battery-Mount-System
• Preglued and sanded Foam-Tires on Rims
• Robitronic POWER 300 High-Power Motor 4.8V
• Ultra-Low GT-Style Racing Body

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