Kyosho – Mini Inferno 09 – Release

  The ultimate racing winning chassis technology of the Inferno, proven with 7-time World Championship crowns, has been concentrated into half its original size. Then add a specially designed 09-class engine from the world’s greatest high-performance model engine manufacturer; SIRIO, and the performance is simply dynamic! The Inferno’s design has been scaled down so the original structure and shape are reproduced and the Mini-Inferno loses none of its World Championship winning build quality. This machine gives you that irrepressible feeling of GP power like no other. The factory-built chassis is also available as a Readyset package including radio system, Ni-MH receiver battery and starter box. All you need to do is add fuel and batteries for the ultimate GP off-road experience!

Color 1

Color 2


    * Features the same high-tech mechanics of the 6-time consecutive World Champion 1/8 Inferno.
    * Maximum speeds of more than 42km/H achieved with gear ratio optimized for the awesome power of the SIRIO 09 engine!
    * Key components such as the aluminum main chassis have been reinforced to harness the power of the SIRIO engine.
    * Readyset comes fitted with the PERFEX KT-3 radio system for stable and responsive control.
    * Some optional parts from the electric version of the Mini-Inferno can also be installed.
    * Two body coloring styles available to choose from: “Fire Flare” and “Rainbow Stripe”.

ReadySet Contents

    * 6V-500mAh Ni-MH receiver & servo battery
    * Cross Wrench
    * Special glow plug (spare plug included)
    * Front hubs for setting adjustment x 2
    * Rear lower suspension holders for setting adjustment x 3
    * Spare air cleaner

Technical Data
Length:         275mm
Width:         170mm
Height:         100mm
Weight:         950g (approx.)
Ground Clearance         15-25mm
Wheelbase         188mm
Tread (F & R)         145mm
Tires (F & R)         64mm(D) x 25mm(W)
Gear Ratio         8.3:1
Engine         SIRIO 09 (1.5cc)

Equipped with the 1.5cc 09-engine from SIRIO, the world¡¦s greatest engine manufacturer. Features slide carburettor and rear exiting exhaust with special silencer.

Shaft-driven 4WD chassis consists of the high-tech mechanics of the 1/8 Inferno condensed into 1/16 dimensions. Similar design to 1/8 version so same setting options and characteristics are reproduced.

4-wheel double wishbone independent suspension with high-performance oil shocks produces deep stroke to realize amazing off-road and airborne performance.

Drive train has been reinforced throughout (excluding spur gear) with metal gears to handle the high-power of the SIRIO engine. This not only delivers excellent performance, but also realizes extra durability.

Includes special Half-8 Starter Box so simply mount the model on the starter box and push down to start. Makes starting super easy (Readyset).

Readyset includes two high-speed and high-torque servos with metal gears. Delivers not just great running performance, but excellent control characteristics as well.

Advanced design 38cc fuel tank catches and drains fuel overflow and produces about 7-minutes of run time. Ideal fuel tank positioning maintains optimal fuel flow.

Chassis is specially designed with mounting space for the 6V-500mAh Ni-MH receiver battery that is included in both Readyset and ARR sets.

Includes 18 ball bearings for full ball bearing specifications. Also includes radio box to protect receiver and battery.


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