Peak Racing – New Raven S V2


  • Peak Racing became the industry leader in brushed motor technology with the breakthrough innovations introduced in the V2 line of modified racing motors. The release of the Raven, featuring the Sport V2 (SV2) concept, bought this extraordinary technology to the masses.

    Peak Racing is now taking this technology one step further with the introduction of the Raven S V2.  Equipped with the same World Championship winning aluminum V2 endbell found on Peak Racing¡¦s Vantage hand wound modified motors, the Raven S V2 becomes the highest tech entry level motor available.

    All Raven S V2 motors are produced using top quality components and feature:

    Aluminum V2 endbell
    Angled (V) brush orientation
    Cylindrical long life Enduro brushes
    Low resistance copper brush control tubes
    Intelligent anti-vibration spring system
    High-temp Inox steel brush springs  
    Race bred armature
    Dual ball bearings
    Pre-installed capacitors with circuit confirmation LED
    Pre-installed bullet connectors

    PEK12600  Raven S V2 10×2
    PEK12601  Raven S V2 11×2
    PEK12602  Raven S V2 13×2
    PEK12603  Raven S V2 15×2
    PEK12604  Raven S V2 17×2
    PEK12605  Raven S V2 19×2
    PEK12606  Raven S V2 21×2


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