KO – Two New Items


KO – VFS-1 Pro C2
The VFS (variable frequency system) technology provides you with the ultimate control in today’s electronic speed controllers. Powering more drivers to the top of the recent IFMAR world championships in Italy (touring car class) then any other esc.

KO PROPO has studied today’s batteries/motors and has remapped the amplier to give the most out of the esc. Standup or laydown style of brush motors will also benifit with the turning off/on the preprogrammed drag brake feature. The current PC interface (61012) and the multi setting adapter (61009) are still compatible and are required for programming changes.

Features adjustable drive frequencies (0.9-12kHz) for each of the 32 throttle steps, brake frequency, drag brake adjustment, power save feature and throttle response allow for full tuning capabilities.

KO – PDS-2368 ICS (High TorqueType) Servo #30046

The new PDS-2368 ICS servo is a new improvement over the previous PDS-2366. The updates to the servo include, hardened gear pins, more rigid servo case, FETs in the servo have been doubled and new stronger motor for better holding power. Hybrid gears and bushing upper case are still included and ICS programming can also be set via PC interface or hand held programmer (not included).

Speed: 0.15 sec @ 60deg
Torque: 194.4 oz-in (14.0Kg-cm)

Source : KO Propo

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