The superior Brushless technology is rapidly growing all over the world now and the NOSRAM Brushless System is the leading technology featuring outstanding power and extra smooth throttle response!

  NOSRAM is now taking this successful brushless technology to the next step by releasing the MATRIX EVOLUTION 2007 Edition speed control! The new MATRIX EVOLUTION 2007 Edition is a completely updated speed control with improved soft- and hardware, developed for ultimate racing performance and unbeatable track handling!

The MATRIX EVOLUTION 2007 Edition Brushless+Brushed is now the highest performance speed control of the NOSRAM Brushless range.

The MATRIX EVOLUTION 2007 Edition Brushless+Brushed Improved Soft- and Hardware!!

These are the new features:

Improved XPS.2

– 8 maps instead of 6 for finer adjustments.
– latest team maps are incorporated for all classes.
– revised maps for new Storm Evolution 4.5t
– motor with sintered magnet.
– improved and more precise throttle control for all motors.

Improved Push Brake

– new efficient brake software, more control and lower motor-/speedo-temperature.

Improved Automatic Brake
– more precisely adjustable in smaller increments.
– revised brake maps for perfect operation with sintered- and bonded-magnets.

Internal-Temp-Check System
As a world-exclusive the 2007 Edition allows you to read-out the maximum internal temperature that the speedo reached. To save it to the memory you have to briefly apply brakes after the run before you turn the switch off. You can conveniently read-out the temperature back in the pits since it remains stored until you turn it on the next time regularly (which will reset the memory).

This new feature allows you to accurately check if all is running well or if youre close to shutdown already!

Launch Control
Launch Control: Well known and famous from our brushed speedos! Now also available for brushless. The launch control allows rocket like starts. After activation it gives you more power one time for the start (this feature is only recommended to be used with touring cars on high traction surfaces!).

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