Team Orion – V2 Oscar Jansen Edition

Victorious at the 2006 IFMAR ISTC Touring Car World Championships, the latest edition of the high tech Revolution modified is now widely available to customers worldwide. Developed by Team Orion motor guru Oscar Jansen, the all-new V2 modified features a re-designed alloy endbell as well as an all-new can for improved performance, longevity, and drivability.

  The groundbreaking V2 modified set the new standard in motor performance and defined the new standard in electric motor design. Features introduced in the original V2 are now standard in competitor¡¦s models.

The Oscar Jansen edition takes the V2 design one step further into the future. The gun metal gray anodized endbell features a new design that improves brush cooling, and new brush hoods allow the use of smaller 3.8mm brushes, which provide more power than their larger counterparts. Additionally, a unique plug system makes soldering ESC wires a thing of the past while providing trouble free connections.

A new chrome can optimizes cooling and magnetic efficiency for more powerful operation with less power loss due to high temperatures. An Oscar Jansen signature label rounds out the motor¡¦s special look.

Pattern wound armatures feature solver soldered connections, high temp epoxy coatings, drill balancing, and heatsink hats that maintain the commutator¡¦s integrity by locking it into position and lowering temperatures in demanding racing applications.

Designed specifically for 4, 5, and 6-cell touring car racing, Oscar Jansen Edition motors are available in a variety of winds to suit any track, car, driving style, or battery configuration. Because of the special manufacturing demands these motors require, production quantities are limited. Order yours from your favorite retailer today to guarantee early delivery!

ORI29091 Revolution V2 Oscar Jansen Edition 7×1
ORI29092 Revolution V2 Oscar Jansen Edition 8×1
ORI29093 Revolution V2 Oscar Jansen Edition 9×1
ORI29094 Revolution V2 Oscar Jansen Edition 101
ORI29095 Revolution V2 Oscar Jansen Edition 11×1
ORI29096 Revolution V2 Oscar Jansen Edition 12×1

Source : Team Orion

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