The NOSRAM STORM Evolution Brushless Modified motor series is designed for maximum power and highest top speed. State of the art components like neodym magnets, extra-thick copper winding and a special low-resistance design makes the NOSRAM STORM Evolution Modified extremely powerful and efficient. Finally the dream of all electric R/C drivers becomes reality: a truly maintenance free motor!

The STORM Evolution Brushless motor has NO brushes, NO commutator and NO springs to wear during use. High quality ball bearings and a completely enclosed motor design make the NOSRAM STORM Evolution withstanding the elements so it can be used without any kind of maintenance.

Now, two new power versions of the Storm Evolution Modified brushless motors are available and ready for shipment:

– Storm Evolution Modified 4.5T

-> the killer machine for maximum possible power in Touringcar Modified – 528W sheer horsepower!!!

– Storm Evolution Modified 7.5T

-> the perfect choice for Off Road cars – plenty of torque with perfect drive feeling

The STORM Evolution Modified motors are the perfect choice for all Touring and Off-Road car racers! The NOSRAM brushless system offers an absolutely smooth drive feeling with zero cogging, ultra-high efficiency and the same brake feeling like brushed motors.



  • § Military-spec bonded neodym magnets (7.5T version) EFRA legal
  • § Military-spec sintered neodym magnets (4.5T version) EFRA legal – starting april 2nd 2007!
  • § New stack for more torque
  • § New design for extremely low resistance
  • § Hand wound
  • § New oversize ball bearings for low-friction running
  • § adjustable timing
  • § New solder tabs, easy and reliable to install
  • § Sensored technology
  • § Standard 540-type size and weight. Fits into any 540-type motor mount.

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