Proline – Desert Rat


For Revo 3.3, MGT, LST, LST2, TNX, Genesis, Warhead

Pro-Line’s proprietary design, the Desert Rat, has been taking the monster truck market by storm. Now, Pro-Line offers a larger version for those larger monster truck chassis.

The Desert Rat body is the epitome of bold designs. It’s extremely pronounced fenders offer more clearance for those oversized tires, low profile styling make for fast straight line speed, and it’s equipped with simulated side mirrors just like the full-scale Baja trucks. And not too worry it’s made from .060 thick lexan, the toughest on the market; so it’s as durable as the punishment you throw at it.

When you’re looking to conquer the desert or any tough terrain, conquer it in style with Pro-Line’s new Desert Rat body.
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