Robitronic AVID 1/10 Touring car


Robitronic is proud to announce the release of the AVID 1/10th Scale Electric Touring car. The Avid is a high-end touring car designed specially for professional drivers.

Many special features making the difference to most other electric touring cars. We started the design with the question: What can we do better? So the Avid is designed for maximum performance, easy handling and a lot of new features in the touring car sector.
The high-efficiency drivetrain with extra large belt pulleys, superstrong and smooth aluminium differentials and a improved suspension/steering-geometry for maximum cornerspeed makes this car ready for competition.
The chassis is highly complex manufactured. The new form-fit technology for all chassis- and suspension-parts is a special-feature. Aluminium-steering knuckles and rear hubs and battery mount is a matter of course for the Avid.
See, feel and drive this machine! It´s a Robitronic!

AVID Features
• two belt drive train for higher efficiency
• super size belt pulleys for less friction and maximum torque
• lightweight design means less rotating mass for maximum acceleration
• aluminium high-torque-differential for smooth operation
• large diff-balls for long life and smooth operation
• One-Way diff front for more steering and higher corner speed
• steel universal joints with removable blades for maximum power and durability
• super lock system for wheel screws
• central nut attaches spur gear and reduces gear wobble
• central weight-distribution allows for optimum balance
• precicision aluminium front steering knuckles and rear hubs
• extra-large ball bearings for less friction, longer life and reduces slop
• ultra narrow and low chassis layout for lowest center of gravity and predefined flex zones
• clear layout of rc-components
• large air intakes for better motor cooling
• super low carbon fiber upper deck form-fit to the gear plates allows for perfect positioning and avoids tweak when crashing
• lightweight aluminium one-piece gearplates with carbon fiber strenghtening plates are form-fit to the chassis for anti-tweak and perfect positioning when assembling
• aluminium steering arms with ball bearings and adjustable ackermann
• super strong 3mm carbon shock stays are form-fit to the gear plates for anti tweak and perfect positioning when assembling
• battery-fixing-system with tweak-free battery-strap, can also use strapping tape
• aluminium suspension mounts are form-fit to the chassis plate for perfect positioning
• 3 different rollcenter plates allow quick adjustment of kick-up and rollcenter
• 3 different sway bars are included
• large ball ends allow for silky smooth operation of suspension, steering and less play
• teflon coated precision aluminium shock bodies for less wear and friction
• shock cap with bleed-function for easier oil-filling
• easy and quick adjustment of suspension geometry


Width:      188mm
Length:      360mm
Wheelbase:     252-260mm
Gear ratio:     1.77
Toe-in front inside:    0°~ -3°
Toe-in rear inside:    0°~ +3°
Kick-Up front:     -3°~ +3°
Anti-Dive rear:     0°~ +3°
Caster rear:     2°, 3°, 4° and 5°
Rollcenterposition:    3
Ackermannposition:    2


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