Competition Electronics – TurboMatcher 8


New for 2007, TURBOMATCHER 8

Individual cell grading Machine.


Completely redesigned with many new features. Here are some highlights,

New cell holder
Our new cell holder has a lever release so loading and unloading cells requires less effort. It will now accomodate multiple cell sizes to include SUB-C, 2/3 A, AA, and AAA by utilizing adjustable rotors. A built in spring loaded temperature probe accurately monitors cell temperature and the new robust contact design improves performance.





New electronics
The new circuitry design allows for expanded range of the charge, discharge, and peak detect settings. The charge rate is settable from 1 amp to 10 amps in .1 amp increments. The discharge rate is settable from 1 amp to 40 amps in .1 amp increments, and the peak detection can be set from 5 millivolts (.005v) to 50 millivolts (.05v) in 1 millivolt increments. The peak detect can also be triggered by temperature if you prefer.
Cycles can be configured with 4 independent sub cycles, charge 1, charge 2, discharge, and recharge. The user can enable the sub cycles desired and program settings for each one. The settings are automatically saved as they are changed.
Temperature monitoring can be used for peak detection or safety shutdown. It is now possible to expedite the charge process by charging at a higher rate to a safe temperature, then switch to voltage dropback peak detection at a lower rate to finish the charge portion of the cycle. Voltage and temperature are monitored and logged for retrieval to a PC for analysis.
A new recharge feature can be set to put a partial charge back in the cells for storage after the cycle is complete. Charge rate and milliamphours of recharge are settable.
Firmware is updatable in the field from a PC USB port to provide an efficient means of acquiring program changes as cell formulas evolve.
Built in networking eliminates the need for data switches for connection of multiple units to a PC through a USB port. Network cables are included for ganging of machines together.

New case
The rack mountable, powder coated steel case is rugged and compact. Cell holders are positioned for accessibilty and the positive end of the cell is now upright to reduce leakage from venting. Power, computer, and network connections are located on the back for a clean installation.




New label software included
Turbolabel for the Turbomatcher 8 has been updated for use with XP and the unit is also backward compatible with the original version of Turbolabel. It is now easier to use with provided label templates. Custom label design available

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