Tamiya – Volkswagen Beetle – M04L



About the Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Type 1, or more commonly known as the Beetle or Bug, was produced from 1938 until 2003, and is still one of the most beloved cars of all time. As a small economical “People’s Car” built to pre-war specifications, the Beetle�s simple design proved to be extremely reliable, with its rear-mounted, air-cooled flat-four engine and suspension system withstanding even combat conditions of WWII. Its distinctive aerodynamic shape was the source of its now famous “Beetle” name, and the round shape also inspired such monikers as “bubble” and ‘turtle” in various countries around the world. Idolized in popular culture since the 1960’s, the car has made numerous appearances in movies such as The Love Bug and children all over the world will recognize the yellow Autobot ‘Bubblebee’ from the Transformers series of comics and cartoons. The original Beetle was finally replaced by the New Beetle after an amazing production run that spanned 65 years from it first launch.



About the Model

  • Monocoque M-04L chassis features mid-ship type 540 motor and rear wheel drive.
  • 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension with lightweight front/rear uprights for smooth running performance.
  • Equal length steering arms provide optimum balance and steering response.
  • Distinctive Beetle body styling is recreated faithfully with vacuum-formed polycarbonate material.
  • Body shell is highlighted with metal plated bumpers and side mirrors for added realism.
  • ESC (TEU-101BK) is included, R/C system is separately available.




(unless stated differently above)

  • Radio: 2-Channel with servo(s)
  • Battery: 6-cell flat with standard Tamiya connector
  • Charger: AC/DC timed or peak for 6-cell battery
  • Paint: PS for Polycarbonate/TS for ABS
  • Misc. Items: Building and track equipment

Source : Tamiya

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