ROAR approves Sintered Rotors


News from Novak :
ROAR has officially given their seal of approval on the use of sintered rotors! Whereas previously only Bonded magnets (which sintered rotors are not) were approved, ROAR has since removed the Bonded requirement, subsequently making Sintered rotors legal.

This is great news for racers who want to upgrade to the high-performance sintered rotor offered by Novak. Sintered rotors have been proven to provide increased magnetic strength, improved motor braking power, improved motor acceleration and power, and improved performance under higher temperature conditions.

The following Novak products either include a sintered rotor or are an upgrade kit for sintered rotors:
*  #3403 Velociti 3.5R
* #3000 GTB/Velociti 3.5 Brushless System
* #5908 Velociti Sintered Rotor
* #5923 SS4300/SS5800 Sintered Upgrade Kit

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