Kyosho High-Grade (HG) Air Filter Set


Kyosho announces a new race-developed, high-grade (HG) air filter set. Standard equipment in the new 777 WC Edition buggy, the HG air filter features a new, high-density foam element and pre-filter. The high-density foam captures the smallest particles to keep your engine in top condition, yet it allows plenty of airflow so the engine can produce maximum power. The angular cut of the foam pre-filter creates more surface area, which means the engine will breathe well even when other filters begin to compromise performance.


A molded rubber elbow, filter housing and durable metal inner cage are included. The end of the filter housing even features a mounting lug, so the assembled filter is better supported, which keeps it firmly attached to the engine where it belongs.

This new filter is designed for use with most popular nitro vehicles, including 1:8 buggies, truggies and monster trucks that use .21 and larger engines.

IF345 – High-Grade (HG) Air Filter Set – $15.99
IF345-1 – High-Grade (HG) Air Filter foam elements (2 sets) – $15.99

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