Team Assoicated – TC5 Info


Here are the latest pictures of the prototype for the new Associated touring car, to be named the TC5. The pictures shows what appears to Rick Hohwart’s car from the recent Novak US TC Championships.


Reports lately have said the prototypes are finally starting to feature some production parts and these latest pictures seem to confirm this. The major parts that appear to be production parts are the suspension arms. There also seems to be a couple of other production parts on the car but mostly it looks very much like the prototypes used throughout the summer.

Some comments about the car have started to come out of Associated and as far as we know the car is scheduled for release very soon. Whether this is a realistic release date can be questioned but. this is what’s posted on the Associated website:

“The driver reaction is very positive. The car continues to get faster the more we race it. If everything goes well we should see the new car in January/February. “


Here are some details confirmed by Associated:

The major parts that carry over from previous cars are the shock bodies, VCS2, Springs, Ballcups, Tierods, Diff Hardware, Ballstuds, Body Posts. Another detail is that the new car will feature screws with 2mm metric threads. The bearings will also be all metric spec. The aluminium parts will also be anodised blue like on other Associated Factory Team cars.

The car is designed by Associated in USA but will be manufactured by Thunder Tiger following the merge of the two companies some time ago.


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