New Peak Sensored Motor System




Spotted at a recent practice session is this new electronic speedcontroller from Peak which has the capability of running both brushless and brushed motors. With brushless systems becoming more and more wide spread Peak Racing is about to pick up the trend of bringing power to the brushless motor, and it would seem odd if a series of brushless motors wouldn’t be released as well.

SMS is not the ordinary type of sms, short message service, that we all know very well and criples your fingers, this one is targeted for your trigger finger, it’s short for Sensored Motor System and targeted for the RC scene.


As far as we’re informed the SMS can of course be programmed and will include features such as:

Rotational speed limit (Brushless motors only)
Timing: 0°, 7,5°, 15° or 30° (Brushless motors only)
Current limiting
Current rise function at full-throttle
Brake minimum
Brake maximum
Start-up current limiting
Automatic brake
Frequency mode
Power curve (soft, linear, hard)
Automatic throttle
Full brake
Maximum reverse speed
Switched functions
ABS brake function


Technical specifications are:

Operating voltage range 7.2 … 14.8V
Cell count, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH 6 to 12
Cell count, Li-Po, Li-Io 2 to 4
Cont. current (brushless motors) 70 A
Maximum motor current (10 sec.) 140 A
Temperature cut-off approx. 120° C
EMF brake programmable
Reverse function programmable
Soft-start programmable
Low-voltage power-down
Power-on pulse suppression
Pulse frequency 8 kHz
BEC receiver power supply approx. 5.5 V / 4 A peak
Max. BEC dissipated power at 20° C 2.5 W
Dimensions excl. capacitors approx. 50 x 27 x 15 mm
Dimensions incl. capacitors. approx. 70 x 27 x 15 mm
Weight excl. cables approx. 33 g
Weight incl. cables approx. 70 g



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