XRAY XT8 – 1/8 Truggy


XRAY show picture of the new XT8 – 1/8 Truggy, available on Spring 2007

Just when you thought it was safe to play in the dirt, XRAY now announces the release of their next large-scale performer… the XT8 Luxury Racing Truggy!

Based on the super-popular and award-winning XB8 European Champion 1:8 nitro buggy, the XT8 Truggy has been designed and developed by the world’s most admired R&D team at XRAY. Ready to take the Truggy class by storm, the XT8 combines pure racing design, premium luxury quality and highest performance in an all-new package.

Get ready to dive into the dirt with the new XT8 Truggy, coming soon in 2007.

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