Peak Racing – Vantage 07 Modified


The World Championship winning Vantage 07 is now available worldwide! Using the latest V2 based teardown featuring an all-new endbell design for improved cooling and a redesigned can for improved magnetic field strength and more efficient operation with less heat, the Vantage 07 is the best choice for high level racers that seek the latest power and run time advantage.

A pattern wound armature, created in-house by our team of master motor technicians, is the heart of the Vantage 07. With high temperature low resistance connections, high temperature epoxy resin, diamond trued commutator, and precision balancing, power output and durability is world class.

The world-renowned angled brush configuration, pure copper brush control tubes, and circuit board capacitor system with LED indicator, carry over from the previous model. However, new 3.8mm diameter brushes have proven more powerful and come equipped with each motor.

The Vantage 07 can be purchased at hobby shops and racetracks worldwide. Or feel free to contact Peak Racing to discuss and/or purchase specific products based on your individual requirements. Because our staff includes world-class racers, we can dispense the best advice available and supply products manufactured by those that understand the importance of perfection

PEK76000 Vantage 07 5×1
PEK76001 Vantage 07 6×1
PEK76002 Vantage 07 7×1 15.0
PEK76003 Vantage 07 8×1
PEK76004 Vantage 07 9×1
PEK76005 Vantage 07 9×2
PEK76006 Vantage 07 10×1
PEK76007 Vantage 07 10×2 WC Replica
PEK76008 Vantage 07 11×1
PEK76009 Vantage 07 12×1
PEK76010 Vantage 07 13×1
To keep the Vantage 07 in top condition, Peak Racing offers a full line of replacement armatures.  Or upgrade your current modified motor to World Champion winning specification.

PEK79000 Vantage 07 Armature 5×1
PEK79001 Vantage 07 Armature 6×1
PEK79002 Vantage 07 Armature 7×1 15.0
PEK79003 Vantage 07 Armature 8×1
PEK79004 Vantage 07 Armature 9×1
PEK79005 Vantage 07 Armature 9×2
PEK79006 Vantage 07 Armature 10×1
PEK79007 Vantage 07 Armature 10×2 Worlds
PEK79008 Vantage 07 Armature 11×1
PEK79009 Vantage 07 Armature 12×1
PEK79010 Vantage 07 Armature 13×1

Hand Wound Vantage TC option armatures come in the wire sizes most used by our racing team. Keep a spare armature on hand to tune your motor for best performance on any track configuration.

PEK79011 Vantage 07 Armature 7×1 15.5
PEK79012 Vantage 07 Armature 7×1 16.0
PEK79013 Vantage 07 Armature 7×1 16.5

The Sprint 3.8mm brush is designed specifically for the Vantage (and Team Orion OJ Edition). It will not work on previous Vantage models nor will those brushes work on the Vantage 07.

PEK22000 Vantage 07 Brush Sprint 3.8mm

Already on the market, Vantage brush springs fit all Vantage models.

PEK2060 Vantage Spring .30mm Soft 11-coil
PEK2061 Vantage Spring .30mm Medium 10-coil
PEK2062 Vantage Spring .30mm Med/Hard 9-coil
PEK2063 Vantage Spring .30mm Hard 8-coil
PEK2064 Vantage Spring .35mm 5.2 10-coil
PEK2065 Vantage Spring .35mm 5.6 9-coil
PEK2066 Vantage Spring .32mm 3.8 9-coil (direct replacement)
PEK2067 Vantage Spring .32mm 4.3 8-coil

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