Team Orion – IB4200 WC 35 Amp Cells


For over 20 years, Team Orion has been supplying top-level matched batteries to the R/C racing community. Instead of resting on laurels, Team Orion continues to develop new testing methods to stay one step ahead of the competition and continue to supply the highest quality product available.

Team Orion now discharges IB4200WC cells at a 35-amp rate using industry standard Competition Electronics testing equipment to most realistically portray the actual demand experienced in today’s high-powered R/C vehicles. All cells are first voltage enhanced using Team Orion’s exclusive V-Max process, and then precision matched according to run time, voltage, and internal resistance.

Two versions are available to suit racers in all categories. Team versions contain the cream-of-the-crop cell with maximum run time and voltage with low internal resistance. HV (high voltage) versions feature lower run times, but are perfect for stock, 19-turn, and spec class racing due to their very high voltage coupled with minimum internal resistance.

Team Orion V-Max 35 IB4200 WC cells can be purchased worldwide from your favorite retailer. If you are unable to locate them, or want to discuss your personal battery requirements, feel free to call Team Orion for guidance or to purchase factory direct.

ORI11512 IB4200 WC V-Max 35 Team (7.2V – 6-cell)
ORI11513 IB4200 WC V-Max 35 HV (7.2V – 6-cell)

ORI11516 IB4200 WC V-Max 35 Team (4.8V – 4 cell)
ORI11517 IB4200 WC V-Max 35 HV (4.8V – 4 cell)

ORI11518 IB4200 WC V-Max 35 Team (6.0V – 5-cell)
ORI11519 IB4200 WC V-Max 35 HV (6.0V – 5-cell)


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