XRAY XB8 Wins first Czech Indoor Race


The first indoor race was held in Lanskroun, Czech Republic on January 6–7, 2007. The race was run on frozen carpet and because of that sometimes cars were out of control; there were six big jumps on the track.


Open practice started on Saturday. The track wasn’t perfectly prepared, so the organizers had to fix some problems… the race was then ready for qualifications. Qualification consisted of five qualifying rounds with the best two counting. After qualifications the order was set, with the first 3 cars being XRAY: Martin Bayer (1), Martin Pater (2), and Ales Bayer (3).

On Sunday morning all drivers met in the hall and started to prepare their cars for the final race. The track was complicated for inexperienced drivers, so there were lots of mistakes.

There were six XRAY cars in the final; it’s obvious that XRAY cars are the most popular in the Czech Republic. The final started and Martin Bayer led the pack, followed by Martin Pater. Martin Pater then made some mistakes and fell back to the 3rd position. He tried to overtake Miroslav Jurenka (in 2nd) but made another mistake costing him a 2nd place finish. He finished in 3rd.

Final Results:

1. Martin Bayer XRAY
2. Miroslav Jurenka
3. Martin Pater XRAY
4. Ales Bayer XRAY

5. Honza Kapicka
6. Marek Moravek XRAY
7. Dworschak Patrik
8. Karel Hajek XRAY
9. Lukas Zeman XRAY

10. Martin Milovsky

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