XRAY – R1GP “Winter Attack” Round 2


Race Report by XRay

The second round of the 2006/07 R1GP Winter Attack Indoor carpet race, hosted by RC FORUM (http://rcforum.co.kr) and sponsored by JinhoTrade (Team XRAY KOREA) and PowerHouse, was held on Jan 6~ in Seoul, Korea. The second round was held in the same place as the first round; the Olympic Gymnastic Stadium. About 100 the best drivers representing many teams participated in this event.

The second round was a huge success for XRAY, who after the first round is dominating every race and used by almost 40% of participating drivers. After the first debut race of the XRAY T2’007 in the first round of R1GP last Dec 2006, Team XRAY drivers became much stronger this time and were unbeatable every race.

n the Invitation class (the most prestigious class for R1GP), four Team XRAY drivers were in the A-Main and dominated the entire race. Even though XRAY drivers missed the title time, they showed people the cars’ luxury high performance during every single race.

After huge success from the first and second round of R1GP Winter Attack, we are very sure that Team XRAY will also dominate the third round which will be held Feb 10~11 with some international racers.


Invitation Class:
1 Ji Hyun Jang
2 Sang Jun Nam
3 Bon Gi Goo XRAY T2’007
4 Ryan Lee XRAY T2’007
5 Yong Mun XRAY T2’007

6 Wong Chan Kim
7 Dong Il Seo
8 Nak sung Choi
9 Han Sin Lee XRAY T2’007
10 Huk Park

Stock Class:
2 Dong Wan Jo XRAY T2
5 Sung Huk Heo XRAY T2

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