Diggity Designs – 3D12 & CD12 Update


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Diggity Designs has taken over 12 months of R&D and feedback from our drivers of the previous releases of the D12 and D12V2 and have redefined the entire chassis and rear pivot design. Because of the different preferences in battery layout we will be offering two versions using the new pivot design. There will be the 3D12 wich is the updated version of the popular centered battery layout and the other will be the CD12 wich is the CRC style battery layout version. Both will utilize battery braces, new front transponder mounting, rear CRC side spring design, acceptance of basicly any front end on the market, 3mm quasi CF components and all new pivot design. Conversion kits will require a doner kit for parts. There will be complete kits available.

The new rear pivot is ultra light and easy to replace when/if broken. It uses a milled nylon 6/6 block and a TC4 shock bottom ballcup together with low profile hex ball. Both versions utilize the new ballcup pivot with CRC one-piece side links and rear spring design wich makes this the hottest pivot set-up available and only found here at Diggity Designs! The chassis on the 3D12 has been totally redesigned to allow more room for mounting of the electronics including more weight to the rear design. Both versions have new transponder mounting design wich allows mounting of the transponder with a nylon strap and is milled to allow for the lowest possible mounting location. Both kits have adjustable battery positioning 3D12(side to side) CD12(front to back). Both inlcude mounting locations for JR and KO servos. This is the New generation of Diggity Designs kits!!

Conversion kits will need these parts and or a doner car to use parts:

* Rear pods (either Associated 12L4 or CRC lowered rear pods)
* Complete Rear axle
* Bearings
* Complete front end
* Center Shock
* CRC rear side springs and hardware
* CRC lowered hex balls
* CRC one-piece side links (turnbuckles will work)
* Body mounts
* Ride Height Adjusters
* Antenna rod
* Center shock mount/antenna holder (CD12 only)

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