XRAY Wins International Friendship Race 2007

The International Friendship Race was the first race in 2007 and was held in Vienna on January 5–7. Team XRAY was at this race as usual, with team drivers Martin and Juraj Hudy plus Team XRAY Austria, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. This time there were not as many drivers as last year, with only 55 drivers were representing Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Hungary. The race was made from two categories: Modified and Stock.

Open practice started on Friday morning, however due to testing of NT1 we arrived on Saturday morning. The fastest drivers in open practice were XRAY Czech guys Jiri Janousek and Vaclav Strupek.

Qualify :
1. Martin Hudy XRAY
2. Markus Eder
3. Vaclav Strupek XRAY
4. Jiri Janousek XRAY
5. Michael Kramer XRAY
6. Tomas Liptak XRAY
7. Mario Sowka XRAY

8. Raiki Balint
9. Toni Eder XRAY
10. Juraj Hudy XRAY

The finals were very good for me and I won the first and second rounds. Vaclav Strupek was very fast in the finals and put a lot of pressure on Markus Eder who was starting from 2nd place. By the end it was Vaclav who finished 2nd thanks to winning the last final where he lead from the beginning.

1. Martin Hudy XRAY
2. Vaclav Strupek XRAY

3. Markus Eder
4. Michael Kramer XRAY
5. Tomas Liptak XRAY
6. Mario Sowka XRAY

7. Raiki Balint
8. Toni Eder XRAY
9. Juraj Hudy XRAY
10. Jiri Janousek XRAY

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