XRAY Wins Greek Drift Meet


The first Greek Drift Meet started at 11:00 with 13 competitors on the grid: 11 Yokomo, 2 XRAY, and 1 HPI. The 2 qualifying laps would determine which pairs would be together for the next battle. Mr. Vasilis Bournias was 2nd in the qualifiers and Mr. Karanikolas was 7th.


The next session had twin battles with the first car starting in front of the other and the second trying to stay close without touching the opponent (which would result in disqualification). Team XRAY won against their opponents and passed to the next session.


There Mr. Karanikolas was lucky because he passed by lot (without racing any opponents) to the next session; Mr. Bournias raced and won the battle. So both XRAY drivers passed to the next semi-final session with the other two best drivers of the race.


Team XRAY reached the final, where it became a civil war! Vasilis Bournias won the race with his superbly-prepared T1FK’05, with Dimitris Karanikolas coming in second place.


The team was not part of the official Greek XRAY Touring team, but was independently participating with very well-prepared cars modified for the drift event. We hope to have the same results at the next race in February.


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