Mugen Seiki – New Product


H0296 Rear Universal Joint Set
H0297 Rear Drive Shaft (For Universal)
The car will react more directly when you make throttle
compare with driver shaft of kit standard.
It will be more effective for the driver who controls the car
positively by throttle.
Can be used for MRX-4 and MRX-4R.


E0218 Spur Gear 48T

It is possible to make higher gear ratio than standard spur gear (C0259)
so that it will be worked better at small track or like the track in the wet
condition which impose a big load to the engine.

Can be used for MBX-5, MBX-5R, MBX-5T, and MBX-5T Prospec.


<Gear Ratio Chart>



C0274 (44T) 11.28 : 1 15.57 : 1
C0259 (46T) 11.79 : 1 16.28 : 1
E0218 (48T) 12.31 : 1 16.98 : 1

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