The XRAY XT8 is a modern, high-competition premium luxury racing 1/8 truggy that was purposefully designed and developed by Dipl. Eng. Hudy Juraj for high-competition racing, and is based on the award-winning and European Champion XRAY XB8, manufactured completely and exclusively by XRAY in Slovakia (Europe).
The XT8 is a unique purpose-built racing truggy designed around a no-compromise platform. From the specially designed truggy suspension, the optimum drivetrain concept with special truggy gear ratio, to the ultra-low CG and optimized weight balance, all is specifically designed and developed for truggy racing around the world.



XT8 Specs:
Length: 560 mm
Width: 430~422mm
Height: 195 mm
Wheelbase: 363~367 mm
Weight: RTR 3952g ; 2262g



XRAY XT8 Overview:
• XRAY Racing Truggy based on the European Champion XB8 off-road buggy
• Designed and developed by the world’s most admired R&D team
• Pure racing design and premium luxury quality with highest performance
• All parts specifically designed and developed for Truggy-specific high-performance suspension geometry, specific ultra-efficient drivetrain parts with optimal Truggy ratio
• Only premium and exclusive materials used throughout the car
• Exclusive Hudy Spring Steel™ drivetrain parts for highest performance and unmatched lifespan
• Efficient C-hub suspension with innovative I.A.C. (Integrated Adjustable Caster™)
• Lightweight strong molded steering blocks with molded-in steel bushings (XRAY innovation)
• Fully adjustable suspension featuring I.S.S. (Integrated Suspension Settings™)
• Ultra-low CG, all parts are centralized in chassis
• Optimized front/rear and left/right weight balance for perfect jumps
• Fully independent, fully-adjustable suspension with full-time 4WD
• Ultra lightweight high-tensile transmission parts hand made from special world-renowned top-secret self-developed Hudy Spring Steel™
• Drivetrain includes 22 precision rubber-sealed bearings for maximum efficiency and speed
• Ultra-precision front/rear and center diffs with Hudy Spring Steel™ outdrives
• Pinions, spurs, crown gears and clutchbell manufactured by HUDY
• All new extra long large bore shocks for perfect handling on bumpy tracks and big jumps
• Swiss 7075 T6 CNC-machined chassis (3mm), front/rear shock towers (4mm), steering place (3mm), front upper deck (3mm), radio plate (3mm) and center diff mounting plate (3mm)
• All alu parts feature XRAY’s stylish black finish with silver edging for luxurious touch
• Laser-cut, precision-ground steel brake disks for ultra-efficient fade-free braking
• Adjustable turnbuckles made from Hudy Spring Steel™
• Swiss 7075 flywheel with aluminum clutch shoes
• Stylish XRAY Truggy body included
• XRAY Thrax Truggy tires and wheels included






Source : neo-buggy.net

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