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The Lightning 2 Pro has had a great run of success, providing rallycross racers with a great value racing kit is no easy feat! However, we felt it was time for a major update to the car, something that will make the competition really sit up and take notice!

The first thing that was changed was the main chassis, previously it was purple-anodized 7505-series aluminium, now it’s hard-anodized, lighter and stronger! Contributing to further lightening the buggy is the woven graphite radio plate, which holds the throttle servo in place and sits on top of the laydown steering servo.




For extra tuning potential, the front shock tower now has 10 shock mounting holes instead of 6, and the rear shock tower has 13 mounting holes, up from just 8! You definitely won’t be struggling for adjustment possibilities!

Increasing durability is always at the front of anyone’s mind when racing a rallycross buggy — the Lightning 2 Pro EVO features completely new suspension blocks front and rear, plus new inner and outer suspension shafts! The new shafts also feature a ‘no e-clip’ design for easier maintenance and extra peace of mind when you’re out on the track. In addition to all this, the rear uprights will be machined from solid aluminium instead of being an optional upgrade. With 3 camber link positions instead of 2, you get even more tuning options as well!

Finally, the new Lightning 2 Pro EVO features a heatsink engine mount for increased engine cooling, performance and runtime.

As before, the kit features a pre-built chassis, with no electronics or engine included. A clear body with decal sheet is included, as is a tough racing wing.

Hot Bodies is committed to always improving its complete line of racing kits. We hope that you agree the Lightning 2 Pro EVO will be a serious contender in the battle to be the best rallycross racer available!

#66782 – Hot Bodies Lightning 2 Pro EVO – Championship potential right out of the box!

Shown in the pictures is Andy Moore’s prototype Lighting 2 Pro EVO buggy, which he used to finish in the Semi-Finals at the 2006 Neo Buggy Race last December. Quite an impressive finish for a touring car racer that had never seriously raced at a rallycross event!

New Features:
– Clear Body and Decal
– No Radio or Engine included
– Main Chassis made from hard anodized gray aluminium, app. 35g lighter
– Carbon Graphite Radio Plate
– Front Shock Tower with 10 shock mounting positions for more set up options
– Rear Shock Tower with 13 shock mounting positions and 8 upper arm positions for more set up options




Source : HBeurope

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