HPI – Wheely King 4×4


The Wheely King is now available in 4WD! That’s right, the hugely popular 1/12th scale realistically designed monster truck now features extra traction and grip!

As the name suggests, this car is all about Wheelies! With its tuned weight distribution and wheelie bar, the Wheely King makes it easy to pop a wheelie on demand – just pull the trigger and go! Watch the front wheels rise into the air as the weight of the truck goes onto the rear wheels! Easy to drive and a joy to watch, the Wheely King will be the most fun vehicle in your RC garage!


The Wheely King is the first-ever true scale monster truck that features awesome wheelie action with every pull of the trigger! With perfectly balanced weight distribution and a rear wheelie bar, easy controlled wheelies are part of the action every time you drive the Wheely King! Watch it drive long stretches with its wheels in the air. See it pop a wheelie out of every corner out on the track. Steer the front wheels while they’re in the air for hilarious antics! The Wheely King is the ultimate combination of true-to-scale monster truck looks and fun high-flying monster truck action!


Fitted with full-time 4WD, the Wheely King becomes a monster hillclimber!


Tough universal shaft drive to the front diff powers the front wheels over anything!


Now there’s no reason not to conquer everything in sight!



Source :  HPI

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