A serious performance boost for the popular 3PM!

Futaba has done it again! The FASST (Futaba Advanced Spread Spectrum Technology) is now available on the three-channel 3PM computer radio! The 2.4GHz modulation is wired directly into the transmitter circuitry so there’s no separate module to plug in. On-road and touring drivers will appreciate the unbeatable combination of precision and convenience that the FASST 2.4GHz system offers.

More great “driver-friendly” features of the 2.4GHz FASST system include:

• Constant shifting within frequencies – no more signal conflicts or waiting for a frequency to open up.

• “Auto-Detect” instantly determines whether HRS or PPM mode is active in the transmitter.

• Fail Safe for both the transmitter (in case of interference) and the receiver (in the event of low voltage).

• A wider range for larger tracks.

• Special ID code prevents glitching by not accepting unwanted signals.

• Other manufacturers use over-the-counter IC chips. Futaba has been using IC chips of their own design for the 2.4G FASST sytem with channel shifting.

Tx Rx Servos Modulation
FUTK2020 3PM R603FF — FM/HRS Retail:$249.99 Street:$199.99

FUTL7631 2.4GHz FASST R603FF Receiver 3 PM Retail:$149.99 Street:$99.99

IN STOCK: Mid-March (2.4GHz FASST System is available now)

Source : Radio Control Zone

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