O’Donnell / Checkpoint Hara & Tebo mod motors

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 The champions’ choice is now yours!

The exact same power plants used by Atsushi Hara and Jared Tebo are ROAR approved and feature special winds for boosting race-winning speeds! More economical than brushless while still designed to go more races between rebuilds and without sacrificing the performance drivers demand, the Checkpoint motor components are precision engineered using state-of-the-art materials. Also available are several new armature winds, “hard” motor springs and our newest modified motors designed especially for 4-cell racing.

• The Endbell Fan Kit directs cooling air to the motor’s vital components. Easily installed, it plugs right into the receiver and helps protect the motor, improve performance and extend motor life!

• The Brush Hood Nut Tool is designed specifically for easy tightening and loosening of O’Donnell brush hood nuts.

ODOC0420 Team Checkpoint Hara 6×1 On-Road Motor Street:$89.99
ODOC0421 Team Checkpoint Hara 7×1 On-Road Motor Street:$89.99
ODOC0430 Team Checkpoint Tebo 9×1 Off-Road Motor Street:$89.99
ODOC0431 Team Checkpoint Tebo 10×1 Off-Road Motor Street:$89.99
ODOC0479 Team Checkpoint 5×1 Comp. 4-Cell Motor Street:$89.99
ODOC0480 Team Checkpoint 6×1 Comp. 4-Cell Motor Street:$89.99
ODOC1425 Team Checkpoint Hara 6×1 Armature Street:$44.99
ODOC1426 Team Checkpoint Hara 7×1 Armature Street:$44.99
ODOC1435 Team Checkpoint Tebo 9×1 Armature Street:$39.99
ODOC1436 Team Checkpoint Tebo 10×1 Armature Street:$39.99
ODOC1499 Team Checkpoint 5×1 On-Road Armature Street:$39.99
ODOC1521 Team Checkpoint 14×2 Off-Road Armature Street:$39.99
ODOC2456 Team Checkpoint Endbell Fan Kit Street:$39.99
ODOC2463 Team Checkpoint Motor Springs Black (2) Street:$3.29
ODOC3541 Team Checkpoint IB4200 NiMH 6C Pack-Platinum Street:$64.99
ODOC3543 Team Checkpoint IB4200 NiMH 6C Pack-Gold Street:$59.99
ODOR1474 Team Checkpoint Brush Hood Nut Wrench Street:$8.49

IN STOCK: Mid-February



Source : Radio Control Zone

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