XB8 Wins Singapore Warm-up Race


It was a nice Sunday with slight drizzle in the early morning which made the track less dusty and nicer to drive. With the upcoming FEMCA Championship (to be held in Thailand, Pataya) we were running a Singapore points championship to select our very own local best driver of the year.


In this first round we saw fierce competition from all local team drivers/distributors and hobby shop owners with some partially sponsored by factory with cars like GS, HN, Hoboa, Kyosho, Mugen, Team Magic and of course Team XRAY.


We ran 7min 3 round heats with a total of 5 groups, taking the best 7min runs to group drivers in A, B and C finals. After qualifying a local young driver with XRAY XB8TQ car powered by RB Concept race engine took the pole position.

We ran 3 Main Finals, starting with lower final (C Main) which ran for 25min. It was an exciting final with some good driving out there.

A Final:
The A Main Final lasted for 45mins and we had some very nice and smooth driving. Some accounts of the race of the day were immediately after the TQ i.e., with Chester/XRAY going straight into the lead followed by Wenyi then Sam and Glenn who were very closed behind with the same lap.


Towards the 24mins mark the order was Chester, Sam, and Glenn all with XRAY/RB car competing for the pole position but suddenly Glenn was faced with a tire problem for which he had to come in for a tire change, making him lose critical time. He was followed by Sam who had to retire from the race with a broken throttle servo.

All this allowed Chester to take the lead and Wenyi with his HN/RB engine, both had a good run but towards the last minute, Wenyi managed to close up so quickly on Chester and passed him and clinched the pole position of the race.

Source : Xray

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