Peak Racing – New Dynasty 19-Turn


Purely for competition, the newly engineered TOP based Dynasty 19-turn motor moves to the head of the pack with stellar on-track performance.

The new Mega Flow can, featuring strategically placed vents for maximum airflow and optimized magnetic field strength, lowers operating temperatures resulting in greater power output and fade-free performance from the starting horn to the checkered flag.

A re-designed armature features construction designed to optimize the balance between low-end torque and high speed RPM for excellent performance on all surfaces in TC, Off-Road, and 1/12 scale cars. Drill balancing ensures vibration free operation resulting in maximum straightaway speeds.

The Dynasty comes equipped with race ready Q compound pro brushes and Viper stock laydown springs. Broken in and performance evaluated, just bolt it in and fly!

·TOP Mega Flow can
·High strength G14 wet magnets
·Race proven TOP endbell design
·24° timing
·Laydown brush configuration
·Equipped with Q compound laydown brushes and Viper stock laydown springs
·Anti-vibration brush system
·Large alloy endbell heatsinks with auxiliary brush heatsinks
·Re-engineered armature with 19 turns of 19 gauge wire
·Precision drill-balanced
·Dual high-speed ball bearings
·Inboard pre-installed capacitors

PEK13201 Dynasty 07
PEK13202 Dynasty 07 V2
PEK22000 Q Pro Laydown Brush
PEK22001 Q Pro Laydown Brush w/eyelet
PEK2050 90° Viper Stock Springs – 7 oz.
PEK2051 115° Viper Stock Springs – 9 oz.
PEK2052 135° Viper Stock Springs – 11 oz.
PEK2053 150° Viper Stock Springs – 12 oz.
PEK2054 175° Viper Stock Springs – 14 oz.
PEK2055 Viper Stock Spring Set

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