XRAY NT1 Leads US Winternats

Flash news: After the second day of qualifications and 4 qualification heats finished, the standing of the Team XRAY is:

1. Ralph Burch
4. Barry Baker
5. Martin Christensen
9. Paul LeMieux
11. Teemu Leino
12. Martin Hudy



After dominating and winning 4 categories at the world’s largest Electric Touring car race – the famous Snowbird Nationals – Team XRAY left Orlando on Sunday and traveled to another large and famous race Nitro Touring Car race: the US Winter Nationals. This race is the first large debut race for the brand new XRAY NT1 and for this purpose Team XRAY put together an all-star team from North America (Ralph Burch, Paul Lemieux, Barry Baker) and from Europe (Jilles Groskamp, Teemu Leino, Martin Christensen and Martin Hudy). Chief designer and the man behind the NT1, Dipl. Eng. Hudy Juraj, was there to take care of all the NT1 cars and to help the team with set-up.


Because the team arrived one day later than all the other teams, they were at an obvious disadvantage since all other teams already had a lot of practice on Sunday. Team XRAY was looking forward to any time in free practice on Monday but unfortunately the rain was against them. This put the team in a bit of a predicament but at the same time allowed the drivers to prepare properly in the pits and to build the cars as everybody had received the final production car just at the start of the event, so the whole team was busy with wrenching and preparing the cars.


The first real racing starting with the qualifications on Tuesday and the NT1’s performance was proved to the public right away the first time it hit the track. Team XRAY was able to place 6 cars in the top 20: Ralph Burch 2nd, Barry Baker 4th, Martin Christensen 5th, Jilles Groskamp 11th, Paul Lemieux 12th, and Juraj Hudy 16th. Martin Hudy and Teemu did not finish their runs.

xwn05.jpg XRAY NT1 of Paul Lemieux

After a short team meeting and set-up advice by chief designer Juraj Hudy, the team adjusted their cars accordingly and this paid off tremendously in the second qualification run when Ralph Burch was able to outperform the rest of the field and take the lead. Martin Hudy was again not lucky as he ran out of fuel. Engine guru Fabio Domanin changed the engine set-up for rest of the XRAY drivers with great success.


Temporary results after 2nd qualification round:

1 – Ralph Burch – XRAY NT1
2 – Danny Horta
3 – Chris Tossolini
4 – Paolo Morganti
5 – Mark Green
6 – Barry Baker – XRAY NT1
7 – Teemu Leino – XRAY NT1

8 – Darin Ishitani
9 – Daniel Comaschko
10 – Andrew Duperruzel

There are still another 4 qualification rounds on schedule and we will keep you updated of all progress of the team.Standing of Team XRAY after 3rd round of qualifications:

1. Ralph Burch
3. Barry Baker
4. Martin Christensen
9. Paul LeMieux
11. Martin Hudy


Martin Christensen


Martin Hudy

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