Protoform – T HD


In just a couple of days the 2007 NASCAR Nextel Cup racing season will kick off in Daytona Beach. It may be one of the most exciting and interesting seasons in memory as an array of new elements have been added to the series during the off-season. There’s a host of completely new drivers, new sponsors, and new brands of cars being represented for the 2007 season. It will definitely prove to be a milestone year NASCAR and its huge fan base.

We at PROTOform are pretty excited about the timely release of this, our newest oval racing design – the T-HD Oval Racing Body. This body is made to fit all the latest and hottest oval pan-car chassis designs. With the multiple molded in trim lines, it’s able to be mounted in such a way as to meet the ROAR body height specifications for capped tire racing, foam tire racing as well as the ultra slammed Saturday night – run what ya brung – style of racing. The T-HD is a high down force design expressly shaped for the multitude of flat tracks that are so popular. This new design also incorporates the latest in body science and aero-tweaks allowing some room for fore & aft adjustment to find the perfect handling balance. There’s an add-on spoiler extension with mounting hardware, protective coating and window masks included. The included decal sheet gives you a choice of four sets of headlights and four different grill layouts. As usual, there are many details molded in too.

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