Xray – Winternats News – February 15, 2007


Qualifications of the US Winternationals ended with the 5th round as the 6th round was cancelled due to rain and bad track conditions. The 5th round was the round which mixed up all the results, but still Team XRAY achieved excellent result at the first debut of the NT1. Despite losing the TQ position, still 3 out of the top 10 qualification positions were secured by Team XRAY.

Results after the qualifications:
2. Ralph Burch – XRAY NT1
5. Paul Lemieux – XRAY NT1
6. Martin Christensen – XRAY NT1

Jilles Groskamp qualified in the 3rd overall position after the 5th round, but was disqualified due to being underweight. While Jilles was having his share of bad luck, it was the chief designer Mr. Juraj Hudy who was having good luck, showcasing a mistake-free run and moved up to the semi-final along with other Team XRAY drivers Barry Baker, Teemu Leino, and Martin Hudy.

The debut of the NT1 has surpassed all the expectations, 7 out of the 8 NT1 cars have qualified in the top 20 and XRAY has out of all the teams most of the cars in the top 10.

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