720 dominates to win Florida Winternats


Making its Florida Winternats debut, Serpent’s 720 completed the perfect result with Poalo Morganti taking is Mega powered example to A-Main victory in the event having earlier TQ’d the Dutch manufacturer’s 1:10 200mm racer.

Having secured pole for the all important 45-minute A-Main encounter, following a stunning final qualifying run, Morganti dominated the race to win by a massive 6 lap margin over Chris Tosolini, winner of the 2006 US Nationals also driving a 720.

Morganti’s perfect performance at Fort Myers, one of the world’s most intimidating tracks, was backed up by a fine performance by local ace Danny  Horta who drove superbly throughout the event to take his 720/Mega combination to 4th overall.

The Florida Winternats has established itself as the event to kick off the international on-road nitro racing season and Morganti’s win will give Serpent 720 racers throughout the world a boost of convidence as they make final preparations for their own 2007 campaigns.
1/10th A-Main Final Results

1. Paolo Morganti – 185L 45:10.29 (Serpent 720)
2. Chris Tosolini – 179L 45:01.65 (Kyosho RRR)
3. Ralph Burch – 179L 45:04.48 (Xray NT1)
4. Danny Horta – 176L 45:01.99 (Serpent 720)
5. Martin Hudy – 176L 45:02.91 (Xray NT1)
6. Martin Christensen – 175L 45:16.46 (Xray NT1)
7. Jared Scott – 175L 45:17.40 (Mugen MTX4)
8. Paul LeMieux – 174L 45:04.86 (Xray NT1)
9. Ron Atomic – 163L 45:04.70 (Kyosho RRR)
10. Jamie Corrado – 157L 45:03.69 (Mugen MTX4)
11. Andrew Duperrouzel – 150L 45:07.79 (Mugen MTX4)
12. Josh Cyrul – 118L 30:11.21 (Kyosho RRR)

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