New 2007 Products from MIP

Tools:  New sizes in the MIP Tweak Station™, MIP Hex Drives for electric hand tools, and the MIP Tire Scuffer™ for prepping your tires.MIP Tweak Station™:
MIP Tweak Station™s now designed and developed for the mini cars, trucks and buggies.  On the flip side, MIP has built its world class Tweak Station™ for 1/8 cars, trucks and buggies too!  These new units have our newest design updates that improve assemble time.  All systems include our space saving four piece assembly and engraved faces for car positioning.  MIP Tweak Station™s are built for years of precision chassis set up.

#9026  MIP Mini Tweak Station™          $40.00
#9027  MIP 1/8 Tweak Station™             $60.00

MIP Speed Tipâ„¢ Wrenches:
Known world wide for our MIP Hex Drivers, we are now offering that same high quality hex wrench tip called MIP Speed Tips™ for electric hand tools.  Racers can quickly remove, or tighten RC hardware, with the same quality as our hand held wrenches they have used for years.  MIP Speed Tip™ Wrenches are made to be used in standard 1/4 inch hex sockets with adjustable clutches only.  Racers can also get broken Speed Tip™s re-tipped for $9.00 each including shipping. Send them directly into the MIP factory.

MIP Speed Tipâ„¢ Wrenches:
#9000S    MIP Speed Tip™  .050” Wrench                       $15.00
#9001S    MIP Speed Tip™  1/16” Wrench                       $15.00
#9002S    MIP Speed Tip™  5/64” Wrench                       $15.00
#9003S    MIP Speed Tip™  3/32” Wrench                       $15.00
#9004S    MIP Speed Tip™  3/32” Ball End Wrench        $15.00
#9006S    MIP Speed Tip™  1/8”   Wrench                       $15.00
#9007S    MIP Speed Tip™  1.5mm Wrench                     $15.00
#9008S    MIP Speed Tip™  2.0mm Wrench                     $15.00
#9009S    MIP Speed Tip™  2.5mm Wrench                     $15.00
#9010S    MIP Speed Tip™  2.5mm Ball End Wrench      $15.00
#9011S    MIP Speed Tip™  3.0mm Wrench                    $15.00

Poorly prepared tires will separate during the race and end the chance of winning.
MIP has developed the right TOOL for “tire prepping”.   The MIP Tire Scuffer™
will quickly prepare the bonding surface of tires for the best tire to wheel bond ever.  Simply hold the tire in one hand while running the MIP Tire Scuffer™ around the inside of the tire bead.  Each bead scuffing takes about 10 seconds.  MIP’s tool grade Tire Scuffer™ head will last for years.

#9030    MIP Tire Scuffer™ Tool           $20.00
NEW! Hop up parts: CVDâ„¢s, Spools, Diff, Clutch, and Hardened Bevel Pinions:

Associated RC18R:
MIP has designed exactly what the RC18R racers need to go fast in this class.  Our current MIP Super Diff for RC18T, 18MT, & 18B fits the new RC18R.

#1444  MIP Super Diff for RC18 cars, trucks & buggies                        $19.95
#1570  MIP Shiny Drives for Associated RC18R FT/R                          $25.00
#1571  MIP Heavy Duty Spool for Associated RC18R FT/R                 $20.00
#1572  MIP Alum. Anodized PRO Spool for Assoc. RC18R FT/R        $25.00
#1573  MIP One Way Spool for Associated RC18R                               $35.00

Associated RCGT2:
Associated new 1/10 gas truck GT2 has all new clutch and drive designs.  MIP’s engineering staff has already developed a new drop in clutch and CVD™s for the GT2.  Our new CVD™s feature Black or Shiny bones with MIP Alloy Steel axles.

CVDâ„¢ Kits:
#1574  MIP Black CVD™ Kit for Associated GT2           $35.00
#1575  MIP Shiny CVD™ Kit for Associated GT2           $38.50

Clutch Shoe Kit:
#3092  MIP Clutch Kit for Associated GT2           $15.95

MIP has tooled up to manufacture hardened steel mini bevel pinions for Losi Mini LST, and Kyosho half 8 truck and buggy.  New pinions are stock replacements.

#1569     MIP Mini Hardened Bevel Pinions          $25.00
for Losi Mini LST (2 pcs.)
#1659     MIP Mini Hardened Bevel Pinions          $25.00
for Kyosho half 8 truck & buggy (2 pcs.)

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