XRAY report Norwegian National Cup


The fourth round of the Norwegian National Cup was held on Sunday, February 4th at Trondheim at the Spectrum Sports Center. Classes included 19T spec foam and Modified rubber. The layout was fast with medium grip and sharp turns… perfect for 19T racing, but was a little small for Modified. Twenty-four drivers entered this race, which is not too bad considering that it was 500km drive from Oslo where most drivers were from.


19T Spec Foam

After practice, Adrian Berntsen and I were setting the pace. Adrian was giving me a hard fight, especially in the Modified class. In the final, I made some small adjustments to my car, and the car went from fast to Monster Fast! The biggest difference was antidive in the front, which made the car react much more quickly.

I took home three straight wins, and I also secured the total win in the National Cup.

Results after three finals:

1. Helge Johannessen (TQ) – XRAY
2. Adrian Berntsen – XRAY

3. Roger Berntsen
4. Truls Solberg
5. Ketil Pettersen
6. Markus Paskarbeit
7. Joacim Nygaard
8. Robin S. Norlie
9. Petter Berntsen
10. Ivar Johansen – XRAY


Modified Rubber

I took the TQ in the Modified class ahead of Adrian Berntsen.
In qualifying I was much faster than Adrian, but in the finals he was putting up a big fight with some really fast speed. I had problems with interference in the first final, but Adrian had a fight with Oddbj?rn Tr?mborg for the win. They had a crash, and Adrian won this one.

In the second final, we had a battle for the win, and we changed lead a couple of times. I won this one, just ahead of Adrian.

So when we started the third final, Adrian made a pass at the start and was going really fast. It was impossible for me to get by him, but he made a mistake and hit the curb. I went by him and won this final too.


1. Helge Johannessen (TQ) – XRAY
2. Adrian Berntsen – XRAY
3. Oddbjorn Tromborg – XRAY

4. Truls Solberg
5. John Lara – XRAY


Helge Johannessen 19T Set-up sheet.

Helge Johannessen Modified Set-up sheet.

Source : Xray

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