LRP – SPHERE Competition TC-Spec Brushless+Brushed digital


The enormous power of the new brushless technology has revolutionised R/C car racing over the past two years. At present, it is the Touring Cars that are making the greatest demands on the power and reliability of brushless speed controls. Now LRP is presenting the new SPHERE Competition TC-Spec which is designed specially for this class of car!

This speed control represents the peak of today‘s brushless speed controls for Touring Cars, with all its high-tech features and specially selected electronic components.

The TC-Spec is the brushless speed control the LRP Factory Team uses in Touring Car racing. Ronald Völker confirms the performance: German Champion Touring Car Modified 2006!


  • Optimised, even for running on 4 Sub-C cells
  • Low-profile heat sinks with integrated high-performance fan
  • Fan on/off via speed control main switch
  • Large power capacitor optimised for Touring Car applications
  • Special Touring Car software
  • Launch control
  • Optimised ADPCTM profiles
  • Totally redesigned brake software
  • Internal-Temp-Check system
  • 12 AWG power-wire
  • lrp_80750_1.jpg

    Source : LRP

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