Traxxas – Wheelie Bar


With 12-turn mod-motor power on tap, the Traxxas Stampede, Rustler, and Bandit have a reputation for wheelie-popping performance. To harness the wheels-up electric torque, Traxxas has engineered a bolt-on wheelie bar mount that uses the unique patent-pending Traxxas adjustable wheelie bar. Four position adjustment allows limited wheelie action for drag-race style launches or full-height wheelies that can be driven for long distances.

The wheelie bar quickly and easily installs onto the rear of any electric Rustler, Stampede, and Bandit. The wheelie bar mount is constructed of durable composite nylon and by itself acts as a rear bumper, providing an extra level of protection for the motor and transmission case. The mount is available separately as part #3677, so existing Maxx wheelie bar components (part #4974 and #4976) can be added to complete the assembly. The complete wheelie bar assembly for Rustler, Stampede, and Bandit is available as part #3678.

Existing wheelie bar accessories such as the aluminum wheelie bar wheels with rubber tires (part #5186) or the separate rubber tires (part #5185) are also compatible for custom looks and increased performance.

Wheelie Bar Features

  • Quickly and easily bolts onto the Electric Stampede, Rustler, and Bandit transmission case.
  • Adjustable, patent pending four-position wheelie bar design adds a new dimension of wheelie excitement.
  • Provides additional protection for the transmission and motor.
  • Wheelie bar is compatible with accessory aluminum wheelie bar wheels with rubber tires (#5186 – available separately), or simply install a set of rubber tires for additional wheelie control (#5185 – available separately).





Source : Traxxas

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